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Lower your recruiting cost by 80%

Scale your hiring process with your own chatbots and voicebots, reach the best talent in an increasingly social and mobile world

Seamless integration with your ATS.

Integrate with all major ATSs for a seamless workflow across systems. Candidates get an uninterrupted experience, you get all your data in one place.

Prescreening Automation

Effortlessly transform repetitive tasks into easy automation, giving you a chance to focus on more important things.


Redefine high-volume candidate selection with Voicebot. It takes only minutes to complete screening stage for mass volume recruitment.

Rank candidates with AI

Quickly match candidates from your ATS/CRM with job descriptions. Our models read the natural language in job descriptions and candidate profiles and calculates a prediction of “fit”.

Feedback and Candidate NPS

Job seeker and employee experience are two of the most often overlooked but most important aspects of any WorkTech tool.

Available Across All Channels

Avaliable on webchat, SMS, email, web-app, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram and Slack.

All Your Data, Safe and Secure.

Client trust and data security are critical to everything we do. To minimize risk Wandlee incorporates the latest security safeguards to comply with new laws and regulations. Security features GDPR Compliant ISO 27001 Certified SSO

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